Emma's a dynamic talent and on this one she's captured more soul than a shoe store. ” - Dave Ruby Howe

Triple J Unearthed

This one is a brilliant track, so good. Came into my inbox, an artist I'd never heard of before, gave it a listen and I was just blown away. Emma Voalrd from Melbourne, Australia, which obviously has a great jazz soulful scene as it is, but yeah. This track had everything for me, the intensity, the soulfulness, the electronic moments in there as well. ” - Jamz Supernova

— BBC Radio 1



Emma Volard's Debut Album!!

Deity, the debut album by Melbourne-based vocalist and songwriter Emma Volard, is a record of tensions: caught in the push-pull between light and shade, joy and sorrow, chaos and order, it’s an album that draws power from the divine messiness of the human experience. Synthesising acid jazz with modern R&B, dub with pop, and future soul with old-fashioned grooves, it’s a statement of profound artistic intent for Emma: a 12-part journey of self-expression and hard-won self-determination that combines the classic and the cutting edge to build something sleek and scintillatingly new. “This album is a revolt against oppressors, particularly those in the music industry — an f-you to anyone who tries to tear us down,” she says. Cathartic, vulnerable, and deeply, defiantly empowered, it’s a definitive document of feminist soul: a call for listeners to “discard the judgement of others, and embrace their bodies, their minds, and their souls.”


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